My Friend Tim Allen’s Stories

I met my friend Tim over 30 years ago in a writing class I took to find folks interested in writing the same kind of things I wanted to write — science fiction and fantasy and horror. Genre stuff. (My university looked down on that sort of thing.)

That group was filled with extraordinary writers and amazing stories, and Tim wrote many of the best. (He’s also always supported my work — he gave Bill and I detailed feedback on early Unshelved strips, and he even performed my much-much-too-long wedding ceremony.) Over the years I’ve begged and badgered Tim to follow my lead and just put his stories up somewhere for folks to enjoy. He would not listen…until now.

Tim has a website! (There’s a convenient link beneath our comic strips if you misplace that.)

Pretty please, go read some of his work before he changes his mind and locks it in his vault again.



One thought on “My Friend Tim Allen’s Stories”

  1. EvilKiru says:

    I read the story he recommends to begin with and WOW it was amazing!

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