Graphic Novel Review: Gay Giant by Gabriel Ebensperger

Gay Giant by Gabriel Ebensperger. Translated by Kelley D. Salas with Mercedes Guhl. Street Noise, 2022. 9781951491161. 256pp.

Ebensperger’s comics are big and bright and his font of choice and drawings make everything feel positive, even when he’s working through some stuff. It’s probably got something to do with the art being overwhelmingly, wonderfully pink.

As a little boy Ebensperger played with girls and girls toys, and people often thought he was a girl. He didn’t feel that he fit in. He was a bit of a fashion trendsetter. He had a crush on both Chris Pine and Ferris Bueller at different times, and loved Jem and the Holograms. For a long time h kinda avoided admitting, even to himself, that he was gay. I don’t remember a big coming out scene with his parents or family, but there’s a hilarious description of the first time he masturbated, and a very touching first kiss. My favorite moments: the pages showing that he’s not really a giant compared to his brothers and others (including Totoro), and, when he’s a little kid, when he puts on his mom’s red shoes and asks his dad to pretend it’s his wedding. The whole thing has a bit of a science fiction ending that I didn’t see coming (and that I don’t think mentioning in this way will ruin for you).




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