Graphic Novel Review: Fantastic Four: Full Circle by Alex Ross

Fantastic Four: Full Circle by Alex Ross. Abrams ComicArts, 2022. 9781419761676. 64pp.

This is basically a double-sized comic book in hardcover format written and drawn by Alex Ross, who is arguably the greatest artist working in superhero comics. It’s a full on homage to the FF comics of Lee and Kirby with dazzling colors and shadows during a journey through subspace and into the heart of the Negative Zone. The story is fun — it involves a man who once masqueraded as the Thing (and who once saved Reed Richards’ life).

It’s worth finding and flipping through whether you’re a superhero fan or not — this is a book so many fans have been waiting for that, if you’ve seen any Marvel movie, you should at least give it a look. And it will look great on any display in any bookstore or library. Worth noting: the FF’s origin story is told on the inside front flap of the dust jacket, and the beautiful endpapers are indicative of how well designed the whole book is.


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