Book Review: Three Later Books in Three Series

Incredible Dooom [Vol 2) by Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden. HarperAlley, 2022. 9780063064973.

The second volume of this graphic novel series takes place in the 80s, in Evol House, a venue for punk shows and the home of a local BBS where runaway teens and others take refuge. It’s pitch perfect, and full of awkward moments, others that are wonderful, self doubt, and chapters that bring the characters from the first volume more into focus. And it has a perfect ending. I cannot recommend this series highly enough.


Heat 2 by Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner. William Morrow, 2022. 9780062653314. 466pp.

This is both a sequel and prequel to Michael Mann’s 1995 film. Because the early pages are so reflective of the movie, I almost threw it across the room, but I’m so glad I hung in there until it got going. It tells the story of an earlier heist, back when the whole crew was alive, and follows the movie’s survivor as he tries to recover and restart his life while on the run, far from home and his family. It’s very entertaining. If you know someone like me who has to watch Heat in its entirety every time they stumble across it on TV, get them this book.

Nona The Ninth (The Locked Tomb Book 3) by Tamsin Muir. Tordotcom, 2022. 9781250854117. 480pp.

If you like fantasy and science fiction and you’re looking for an absolutely superb read with an entertainingly smartass protagonist, go read the first book in the series, Gideon The Ninth. That will almost inevitably lead you to this book, because you’ll love it so much you want to find out what the hell happens next. But when you read that book take notes. Muir does not slow down and does not explain much — you’re either entirely with her and the story she’s or you’re going to hate it. And this book (unlike the others) has some parts that make the backstory clearer, but only if you’re already in the know. As soon as I finished it I called my friend Beck, “WTF just happened?” And she tried to fill me in and answer my questions, but she doubted her answers a bit too, I think. We’ve been reading articles on the series. So it’s time for me to reread Gideon the Ninth (and then, inevitably, the others again) with a notepad in hand, and I’m going to have to before the fourth book comes out next year. I feel like I’ve joined a cult. (In writing those words I’m not sure that’s a joke.) A great read despite my personal confusion.


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