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Gigi: According to this app, the noise level at your table has exceeded allowable levels.

Patron 1: What?
Patron 2: We’re being too loud.
Gigi: That also exceeded the threshold.

Patron 1: We’ll try to keep it down.
Patron 2: If we can’t talk, how are we supposed to work on our project?
Gigi: I’m afraid our rules only specify negative results.

Patron 1 (whispering): We’ll try whispering.
Patron 2 (whispering): At least until you outlaw that.


3 thoughts on “356”

  1. Paul says:

    First they came for the shouters, and nobody cared.
    Then they came to study quietly in the library.
    Wait, was I going somewhere with this?

    1. Elliot says:

      A very unsuitable, facile comparison. An affront to millions of victims and the meaning of Martin Niemöller’s famous quote.

  2. tudza says:

    All the study rooms are taken?

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