Just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Chris and me for making Library COMIC’s first year a success.  It’s been a fantastic, surprising year, from our first library conference to our enamel pin Kickstarter to regularly being read by more than 300,000 of you via our website and social media.

Next year I’ll be at more conferences, plus we’re already working on our next Kickstarter idea. We’ll probably open an online store at some point, too, and I’ll continue to give keynotes and talks at staff days and conferences.

Personally, I’ve had a rough few weeks — a close friend, whom I met at the library system where I used to work, passed away. But his death brought me into the orbit of people I used to work with, many of whom I hadn’t seen for years. It reminded me how much I love the people I’ve had the chance to work with at the library.

I hope you’re lucky enough to feel that way about your colleagues, and I hope to meet many of you in the coming year.



One thought on “Thanks!”

  1. GreenT says:

    As a young but legally blind reader, I’d have to politely request that the old bag shove off, stop making assumptions about other people’s abilities, and wait her freaking turn.

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