Graphic Novel Review: Woman World

Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal. Drawn & Quarterly, 2018. 9781770463356. 260pp.

What would the world look like if men not-so-suddenly disappeared and the world went through a series of natural disasters? “…this is the story of a village in this new world.” And the story is pretty great, from the little girl who thinks all men must have been like Paul Blart to the design of a new flag to a grandmother trying to explain the phrase “that’s what she said” to her granddaughter. In a world with no men, no one sees dick-shaped clouds anymore. It’s pretty much the most lighthearted, good-natured post-apocalyptic graphic novel ever. One more thing to recommend it: the final comic provides one of my favorite endings to a graphic novel ever.

Left this one on the dining room table and told my daughter I thought she’d enjoy it, but she beat me to the punch — she said she used to read it when Dhaliwal was still posting it to Instagram, and that she loved it. No idea why she never told me about it. Crikey.

The final book versions of the comics look like they may have been edited and added to a bit when compared to what was online, but you can get a sense of the series from the episodes still posted at (click on the “First Episode”).


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