Graphic Novel Review: Undiscovered Country Volume 1: Destiny.

Undiscovered Country Volume 1: Destiny written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule, layouts by Guiseppe Camuncoli, finishes by Daniele Orlandini and Leonardo Marcello Grassi, colored by Matt Wilson, lettered by Crank! Image, 2020. 9781534315990. Includes Undiscovered Country #1 – #6. Publisher’s Rating: M / Mature.

Thirty years ago the United States walled itself off from the rest world. No one knows what’s happened within its borders.

Outside the US, the world is a war-torn wreck in the midst of a global pandemic, and it has about six months left. But a message has come through from the US — there’s a cure for the sky virus, and they’re willing to negotiate its release. And they may even consider reopening the borders.

On the team headed into the US are an epidemiologist, a wanted mercenary, a journalist, and a few diplomats. Each has their own agenda. And what they find, shortly after a very rough landing, is not at all what they expect. (Imagine the world of Mad Max crossed with parts of Mortal Engines and Westworld, and you’ll be kinda close.)

This graphic novel is the best kind of batshit crazy, and a much-needed escape with a fair bit of social commentary thrown in. Ever had a nightmare about a carnivorous bison? This is your book.


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