Graphic Novel Review: The Lonesome Hunters by Tyler Crook

The Lonesome Hunters Volume One by Tyler Crook. Dark Horse, 2023. 9781506731018. Contains #1 – 4.

100 years ago Howard was given a magical sword to strike a blow for his church and end pagan worship. But a demon had already been summoned, and things didn’t end well. He survived, though. And now he’s really old (though he has aged better than he would have without the sword). He’s also very grumpy.

Lupe stole a pocket watch from her uncle. And then finds out it wasn’t his to begin with — he stole it from the magpies. When one comes to get it back, it possesses her uncle, and Lupe turns to Howard for help. He tries a magic ward, which doesn’t work. So he takes the magical sword out of a box that’s much too small to hold it, and when he uses it he sets a bunch of dark, supernatural stuff in motion.

It’s the ultimate old man/teen girl team-up, and I hope there’s a sequel soon.


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