Graphic Novel Review: Sunken Tower by Tait Howard

Sunken Tower by Tait Howard. Oni Press, 2020. 9781620106877. 132pp.

Dig is kidnapped by some red-robed cultists who throw him into an underground dungeon. The women in the next cell, Iana and Crina, tell him the tale of an inexperienced wizard who lost control of blood magic, sinking the tower and the city around it. He became a monster, and the cultists intend to sacrifice the three prisoners to it. (Iana then hands Dig a brochure. This is a fairly lighthearted, funny adventure, unless you’re a blood cultist.) It’s not long before the three have escaped their cells and retrieved Dig’s book of magic. Their plan: find the castle in the middle of the sunken city and climb to the top floor so that Dig can use his magic to blast them out. But all does not (of course) go according to plan. Many cultists die in very horrid ways, which would be horrific if this weren’t so damned cartoony and cute. There are thorny tentacles, fish people, and that giant monster. Dig’s magic isn’t all that (but it is). Fun book.


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