Graphic Novel Review: Dark Angels of Darkness

Dark Angels of Darkness by Al Gofa. Peow Studio, 2018. 978187325373. 170pp.

On the inside of the dust jacket, Gofa (pen name of Alex Gouin Fafard) says he “wanted to make a book for the five-year-old me…What I liked most was creating cool characters.” The book is full of superhero hybrids that recall Dragon Ball, especially the battles full of over-the-top declarations and explanations that I could never quite follow. If you’ve read Michel Fiffe’s Copra, I can say this is fun in almost exactly the same way, with art that feels like a quickly drawn distillation of many things I love, and a mix of colors –so many yellows and purples — that fully supports the often out-of-control level of action. I could not explain the plot if you held a gun to my head, but there’s no need, it’s entirely extraneous to my enjoyment of this book.



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