Excellent Picture Books!

I Eat Poop. A Dung Beetle Story by Mark Pett. Roaring Brook Press, 2021. 9781250785633.

Dougie is the only dung beetle at his school, and he’s terrified the other bug kids will find out that he eats poop. So he ignores his former best friend Herman Housefly and pretends to be a regular beetle until one day the popular bugs want him to humiliate Herman because of his dining habits. (Don’t worry, it all ends well. It turns out each of the bugs has a secret.) Best part: all the poop-flavored products in the dung beetle household.




May I Have A Word? by Caron Levis with pictures by Andy Rash. Farrar Straus Giroux, 2017. 9780374348809.

When refrigerator magnets gather to tell a story using words and pictures, K confronts C about stealing K’s sound. At the end of their argument, the two don’t want to stand next to each other anymore, which means all of the words containing “ck” can’t be spelled. Spoiler: K goes silent (and then gets together with N to form some words) before apologizing to C. Best part: All of the refrigerator drawings that look like they were drawn by kids with crayons.





A History of Underwear With Professor Chicken by Hannah Holt and Korwin Briggs. Roaring Brook Press, 2022. 9781250766496.

After a lesson on invertebrates, Professor Chicken lectures about underwear from 3300 BCE to the present. The lesson includes examples from the Alps, ancient Egypt, early North America, Siberia, Europe, and China along with many from the U.S. There are questions for extra credit that give more information and ask readers to do a bit of thinking / reasoning / inferring, a selected bibliography, and a two-page grid-format underwear timeline that builds on the rest of the book. It’s as silly as it is educational.





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