One thought on “662”

  1. Elliot says:

    The more I think about it, the more Lucy seems to be a type of Mel (from _Unshelved_) on steroids! Whereas Mel–despite her constant battles to try to get Dewey to do her bidding while he did everything he could to flout all her rules, whether arbitrary, absurd, contradictory, self-defeating, constantly shifting, or not–was rather meek and more of a passive-aggressive manager. Lucy, on the other hand, is full-throttle aggression, a micro-manager par excellence. I’ve worked for both types, but a lot more in the Lucy mold.

    The vindictive, paranoid guy who was the director in one library in which I worked meddled in every little thing, including telling someone in one unit that she shouldn’t hold a party to mark a year that her supervisor, the person who was head of that group, had been in that position (despite it not using any of the library budget to pay for it); but in this instance, like other ones, it was only because he had it in for that unit head. He actually made Lucy look rather mild by comparison.

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