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Salesperson: Would you like one?
Grant: No thanks.

Salesperson: The author is very popular. Early reviews say it’s destined to be a modern classic.
Grant: It’s beige.

Salesperson: That was my idea. Instead of a dramatic image and the title in bold I thought, what if it was not just a plain cover, but the plainest!

Salesperson: Because, you see, this book is so highly anticipated that it sells itself.
Grant: Not to me.


2 thoughts on “431”

  1. Paul says:

    Boo, hiss.

    No matter how crappy the book cover, you should at least read the book blurb on the back (or wherever it’s hidden).

  2. Robert no longer in San Diego says:

    What’s the worst book design you’ve seen lately? I’ve seen process blue text ink (one was a vanity project, the other had an author named Blue), OCR A as a text font (not really a book, but still, made me long for Comic Sans), and reverse-printed page numbers in a fade, rendering them indistinguishable.

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