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Laura: Do you think she’s worried about rain?
Mike. It’s porn. We’re in a library. It’s always porn.


8 thoughts on “186”

  1. Sue Mary Lester says:

    The little old lady is watching porn? She is trying to keep people from seeing what she is looking at. If she were trying to keep from seeing porn, she’d be wearing horse blinders that block peripheral vision. Also, if she thought someone was watching porn, she should tell Mike and that person would be banned from using the library for several weeks.

    1. Elliot says:

      I’m pretty sure that many (most? all?) libraries, except perhaps those that are part of certain religious denominations, allow free access to the Internet. That’s why they have an option after signing into a public computer of using either a filtered browser or an unfiltered one.

  2. Chuk says:

    Is the umbrella blue in the first panel?

    1. Chris says:


      1. Paul says:

        The umbrella blushed orange when it saw what was on the screen.

  3. Mara says:

    Maybe her bank shoved online banking on her, and she doesn’t want others seeing her log in. It’s called taking security measures.

  4. M. River says:

    As someone who also works in a library, we can’t ban people from viewing porn. If they ask for a privacy screen, we have to give them one. Region to region, county to county, state to state, the rules differ. But the library system where I work, we can’t stop people from viewing porn. The only time we can stop them if there are minors around and when that is the case, we call the police.

  5. Kam says:

    This is nothing compared to the internet cafe and the half dozen regulars I had whose porn preferences I still remember a decade later. I will never forget the Stan Lee clone who had a thing for religious themes and hated headphones.

    “The power of Christ compels me. *smack* AMEN”

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