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Martin: Since we’re out of the library, I’d like to practice a little role reversal and ask you some questions.
Patron: Sure!

Martin: Which do you prefer? End notes or footnotes?
Patron: Are you trying to hint that you’re into feet?

Martin: French folds or dust jackets? Self publishing or manuscript submission? Front matter or back matter?

Martin: Hardcovers or softcovers?
Patron: I’m hoping this is some elaborate innuendo.


3 thoughts on “144”

  1. Paul says:

    Does he use protection?

    Book sleeves, that is.

  2. Jen9 says:

    It must be because I’m a Librarian, but I wouldn’t mind a guy like that….sigh…I am such a nerd.

  3. Michael says:

    As a reference librarian, he really should focus on open-ended questions during an interview. He’d learn a lot more that way.

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