Alternate version of 675

Willow and I had a misunderstanding about 675. I thought it was about a guy who thought he heard the phone ringing (something that’s happening to me personally more and more often when I work the reference desk), she thought it was about a guy who was actually hearing ringing (and that Grant was just being a bit of a jerk, since there’s some precedent for that).  Here’s a link to the version I intended, and below is how Willow saw it.



4 thoughts on “Alternate version of 675”

  1. Dusty Gres says:

    I saw it as the version you posted. I have had too many encounters with people who demanded I take down the fire extinguisher because it was talking to them, or not use the computer to check pitcher book because it watches them at home when they read them, or whack the reading tables with umbrellas to kill the invisible people. We don’t make fun of them but dealing is an issue that is extremely stressful and dangerous.

  2. Zee says:

    I thought the guy behind the desk didn’t know how to use a regular (non-smart phone) phone. That’s why he said he’d try another line. I work with 11-12 year olds, obvi.

  3. The puzzling thing for me is that the staff member holds his hand up to his ear and says, “Sorry?” as if he’s finding it hard to hear the customer. I assumed this was because the phone was ringing so loud it made conversation difficult…

  4. Bonnie Crotty Nelson says:

    And from left field, I read it that that staff person’s personal phone was ringing (likely in his pocket) and he was ignoring it to help the patron…

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