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The Creators:

Chris Hallbeck is a nice guy and an ace cartoonist. He lives in the middle of the country away from prying eyes, like Ben Kenobi out in the Dune Sea (but with a family). In his spare time he makes things from Lego, and he’s also the creator of Maximumble.

Gene Ambaum is a library guy who lives in the Pacific Northwest. In his spare time he reads and dreams of having more spare time. He currently reviews books at Book Threat.

We both have beautiful children and extremely understanding wives.

Our Comic:

This is our new comic! (If you’re confused, it may be because we used to work together on a different library comic, Unshelved.)

Our Characters: 


Lucy: Assistant Manager.  Still believes it’s possible to be in control.


Martin: Reference Librarian. Books mean a lot to him. (Maybe a little too much.)


Gigi: Library Assistant. Likes to quote rules and procedures to everyone.


Laura: Library Assistant. Total geek.


Esther: Young Adult Librarian. Knows what’s good for you.


Jody: Library Assistant. Pragmatic problem solver.


Mike: Library Assistant. Hates the way the library is run, so he runs a little library of his own.


Howard: Ghost. Donated the original collection and the building to the city.


Stephanie: Library Assistant. Sick of the sound of your voice before you say the first word.


Grant: Librarian. “We live in the future, stop clinging to the idea that books have to be physical objects.”


Jane: Children’s Librarian. Works hard to get kids into books, parties harder.