Two Science-y Picture Books

Geo-Graphics by Regina Giménez. Translated by Alex Gomay and Valerie Block. Levine Querido, 2022. 9781646141302. 96pp.

This book starts big — with inspiring images (alongside text) that try to express the size of the universe and the intensity big bang — and then settles into more earth science and geography-centric graphics showing things like the layers of atmosphere and the Earth, the relative sizes of things like continents, islands, mountains, deserts and lakes. It has a great visual explanations of tides, the moon’s phases, and more. Giménez beautiful paintings and collages make every page worth revisiting. (Some pages are text- and fact-heavy while others look straight out of a picture book. I don’t think you could go wrong giving it to adults with kids interested in science or kids with adults interesting in science — they’ll have a good time talking about it.)

Time Is A Flower by Julie Morstad. Tundra Books, 2021. 9780735267541. 56pp.

This poetic, philosophical picture book about time is full of real-life examples like flowers and trees and baking, some of which, like the pages about a spider’s web, seem to point to time’s deeper scientific nature. There’s a cat, a beach, and several illustrations of kids dancing plus one of a family reading together — this book is full of images you’ll love.


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