Trans Rights Are Human Rights #transrightsreadathon


Willow speaking: as some of you know, I am a transgender woman. Right now trans rights are under attack across the globe. Many conservative politicians and demagogues don’t want trans people to be safe. They don’t want us to be visible. To those in power I say: too bad.
Trans visibility is important. Someone you know is trans. A trans person you know is afraid to come out to their parents, afraid to make friends, afraid to be bullied, or excommunicated. When I was young, every trans person I saw in the world was my hero. They had the courage to make themselves seen in a world that was hostile to them, to declare their real name in front of God and everybody.
Trans visibility is a celebration of the pillars of our society: freedom of information, the free exchange of ideas, and education. To oppose trans and queer visibility is to be on the side of censorship, to believe that ideas are corrupting, a thing to be controlled. I would not wish such a small-minded worldview on anyone.
The trans community cannot be silenced, not really. We will continue to live and love in full color. If you demand our silence, we will be louder. If you make us illegal, then we will rebel. There is nothing you can do to us that is worse than what we have already endured.
Trans rights are human rights, trans bodies are beautiful.
– Willow Payne

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