Today’s comic (717)

As Willow just told me, this comic worked three months ago when I wrote it, back when the CDC was telling folks that masks didn’t matter.

I looked at it this morning before posting it and thought that¬† it read like Martin was being a bit dumb. I think we’re all a bit dumb sometimes, even librarians, and I thought this would lead to a bit of discussion in the comments. But I was wrong –clearly it doesn’t work now.

It quickly became clear from all of the comments on Facebook and Instagram that this was simply irritating many of you, and the discussion showed signs of turning into an angry masks vs. no masks debate.¬† I should have seen this coming but didn’t. My goal is to give you a moment of levity in your day, not to add to worldsuck.

I apologize if Library Comic let you down today. My fault entirely.

I’m going to leave it up on the site with this note under it (you’ll see it twice in your browser if you’re looking at the strip in question) in case you have comments.



One thought on “Today’s comic (717)”

  1. James says:

    You didn’t let anyone down today. People who can’t be civil and people who make a huge production out of everything let THEMSELVES down today. Cut yourself some slack. Honestly, we’re to the point where some folks can’t be happy unless they have something to be unhappy about…

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