The Fall Volume One by Jared Muralt

The Fall Volume One by Jared Muralt. Translated from German by Franze He & Christoph Studer-Harper. Image, 2021. 9781534318380. Contains The Fall #1 – #6.

There’s a heat wave, an economic crisis, and some kind of summer flu that’s out of control. Martial law has been declared. Food is scarce. Liam just lost his job, and his wife didn’t come home from the hospital ICU where she works last night. Cut to: her funeral. Everything is closed. Liam just wants to keep his kids, Max and Sophia, safe and fed, but there’s no food, and the violence in the streets is escalating. By the time they finally decide to head for the mountains, to his kids’ grandparent place, it feels like it’s already too late. But that doesn’t stop the three of them from trying to care for the baby they come across on their way there.

I pulled this book off the shelf at my local comics store because it’s oversized, and I love large, European-sized graphic albums. I bought it because its understated colors are stunning, as are Muralt’s drawings themselves. The images help create a quiet tone that makes the societal collapse they depict feel more gradual, final, and realistic, and that makes the violence in the book more vivid. Recommended for fans of the scenes on Earth in Interstellar, and of the quieter moments of desperation in The Walking Dead.


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