The End Is The Beginning

Today marks the end of Chris Hallbeck’s time co-creating Library Comic with me.

He’s been great to work with for the past two years on this project (and even farther back on Unshelved), plus he’s brought me back into the DC Universe of TV-shows and he’s the most LEGO-riffic dude I know. If you need advice about social media, I hope you’re luck enough to know someone as knowledgable as Chris.

Pebble and WrenIf you haven’t seen his  new comic, please check out the totally sweet Pebble and Wren — it’s amazing work by a cartoonist at the top of his game, and there’s already a few months of comics to enjoy. (That link is to the first one.)  And of course Chris is still writing and drawing Maximumble, too!


Library Comic is going to have a few weeks of repeats featuring some of my favorite strips from the last two years.

Then, after I return from a quick trip to Germany to become a godfather, I’ll introduce you to my new collaborator.





2 thoughts on “The End Is The Beginning”

  1. Susan says:

    Have a safe trip!

  2. Jeff Youngstrom says:

    I hadn’t realized that the Pebble and Wren series on (the excellent) Maximumble was a pilot for a new comic. Guess I’ve got another subscription to add. I look forward to seeing what’s next for Library Comic.

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