Picture Books!

Maurice by Jessixa Bagley. Chronicle, 2023. 9781797211732.

After reading Bagley’s graphic novel Duel (illustrated by her husband Aaron), I ordered a few of her picture books. This was my favorite. It’s about a friendly, once-famous accordion-playing dog in Paris living a humble life with his birds, and what happens when he can no longer afford to keep them. It’s a bit sad and simply wonderful.





The Grand Hotel of Feelings by Lidia Brankovic. Cicada Books, 2023. 978800660410.

The manager at the Grand Hotel of Feelings tries to welcome each of the feelings, and figure out what they need even though they’re not all great to spend time with. This is a strange book full of illustrations that are wonderful and sometimes a bit of a puzzle in a good way; what’s the name of that little blue feeling with wings?





My Strange Shrinking Parents by Zeno Sworder. Thames & Hudson, 2023. 9781760762957. Includes a brief note from the author at the end.

The narrator’s parents came from far away and had difficult lives, but they are full of love for their son. And as they raise him the work they do doesn’t provide enough money for school and uniforms and birthday cakes and such, so they trade a few inches of their height for whatever he needs.






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