Picture Book Reviews

In A Jar by Deborah Marcero. GP Putnam’s Sons, 2020. 9780525514596.

Llewellyn is a rabbit who collects things in jars: rocks, feathers, leaves. One day he collects the light of a sunset and gives it to his friend Evelyn. Then they collect things together, at least until her family moves away.




my heart by corinna luyken. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2019. 9780735227934.

A black and white and yellow book that contains a poem about happiness, sadness, and our ability to open our hearts. There’s a little darkness in this book, but the yellow lets the joy burst through so much it’s amazing.




Imagine! by Raúl Colón. Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, 2018. 9781481462730.

A young man visits the Museum of Modern Art. Characters and creatures from paintings step out of their frames, and they dance together down the street and around New York City. Colón’s colorful drawings are as amazing as always, but really leap off the pages in this one.



Rodzilla by Rob Sanders, art by Dan Santat. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2017. 9781481457798.

A giant, soft, squishy monster is loose in the city. It farts, unleashes giant boogers, and hurls. Hilariously gross.



The Fox On The Swing by Evelina Daciutè and Aušra Kiudulaite. Thames & Hudson, 2018. 9780500651568.

Paul lives in a treehouse in a park with his family. He befriends a fox by giving it his daily roll from the bakery. Sometimes the fox is down, but other times it’s super happy, but they’re great friends. One day Paul and his family move away. (Don’t worry, he’s able to find happiness again.)

This totally wordy picture book is by two Lithuanian creators, and feels even more philosophical than most picture books. The art is outrageously odd and fun.


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