Picture Book Reviews!

Gotta Go! A Toon Book (Toon Level 2) by Frank Viva. TOON Books, 2023. 9781662665073.
Owen and his mom are in the car when he realizes he’s got to pee. His grandpa’s Wee-Wee Walk, which he does when he needs to go, seems like a much better solution than Owen’s, which is thinking about water. And then Owen even invents a couple of dances of his own. This is entertaining fun, and a great book for older readers with a sense of humor to share with newer readers.



Moon by Alison Oliver. Clarion Books, 2018. 9781328781604.

Moon has too much to do. She wants to be wild and free. And one night she goes outside and meets a wolf who offers her a ride and shows her how to be happy. Beautiful book.




The Wishing Machine by Jonathan Hillman, illustrations by Nadia Alam. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2023. 9781665922302.

Sam and Mom spend Sunday at the laundromat. But it’s their last Sunday because they’re moving to live in Sam’s grandpa’s tiny trailer. Sam is a bit sad, but Mom turns the washing machine into a wishing machine. The result is a sense of community, generosity, and perseverance despite the unnamed difficulties they’re facing together. Alam’s illustrations make every moment feel magical.






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