Picture Book Reviews!

Bathe The Cat by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by David Roberts. Chronicle, 2021. 9781452142708.

Grandma is coming for a visit, and one of the dads urges his family to clean. He makes a list of tasks on the fridge. The cat doesn’t like the last one, so he keeps rearranging the words. Hilarious book with really fun drawings.






Stella, Star Explorer by Kelly Leigh Miller. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2022. 9781534497672.

Stella isn’t sure why anyone would stay on Earth when they could live in space. So she and her dog Luna take off. They soon meet an Alien, Io, and his pet, Mimas, who are very lost (and, spoiler alert, who eventually lead her to appreciate the Earth). Love the combination of comics and the picture book format here, and Miller’s drawings are top notch.




A Home Under the Stars by Andy Chou Musser. Sasquatch Books, 2021. 9781632173270.

Toby didn’t want to move to the city. He can’t even see stars in the sky there. He can’t sleep. But then the lost lion in his closet needs to find the North Star, and Toby helps him (and a bunch of other animals lost in the city). I love the art in this book so much! It’s got great energy.






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