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The Very True Legend Of The Mongolian Death Worms by Sandra Fay. Henry Holt, 2022. 9781250776082. 40pp. with some info and sources at the end on the legend of the death worms.

The worms exist, but they’re far from the terrifying creatures of legend. It’s more like they’re so ugly they’re cute (if you’re into that kind of thing). They are gigantic, but they’re also friendly, though it’s hard to get other desert animals to see that that’s true. A very silly book!

Mina by Matthew Forsythe. Paula Wiseman, 2022. 9781481480413.

Mina is a cute little mouse who likes to read, so you’re already going to love this book. Her father likes to bring home surprises for her. One time he thinks he’s brought her a squirrel. It’s not a squirrel.

I’ve loved Forsythe’s art since his graphic novel Ojingogo, and it just keeps getting better.



The Problem With Pajamas by Lauren Stohler. 9781534493438.

When Cody’s dad tries to get her to put on pajamas, she sings a song about her uncomfy clothes. Her friends love it, but they also love pj’s for different reasons. Will anything convince her to put them on?

This one is worth reading for Cody’s irritated looks and her lyrics, but I also loved the unremarked weirdness of her living situation. (Better to just read the book than have me try to describe it.) Stohler also wrote the epic comics-format picture book The Best Worst Poet Ever, which I also highly recommend.


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  1. Carol Buetens says:

    The books this week are all such weird & wacky winners!

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