Manga Review: To Your Eternity Volume 1

To Your Eternity Volume 1 by Yoshitoki Oima. Translation: Steven LeCroy. Kodansha, 2017. 9781632365712. 196pp.

An orb that can take any form is cast to the earth. It lives for a while as a rock, and then as moss, and then, after a wolf dies nearby, it takes its form and becomes conscious. It “reunites” with the wolf’s master, a young boy alone in a village who teaches it how to survive. The people from the village left to find paradise, and to escape the harsh life in a snowy locale. Eventually the boy and the wolf set out to follow them.

This is another book that was hand sold to me by Chris at Seattle’s Comics Dungeon, who is now officially my go-to guy for manga. He let slip that the orb eventually takes human form, but then has to learn how to behave as a human. This is a compelling yet weird start to a story I’m going to follow in later volumes.

Also: this book put me right into the mind of Anne Leckie’s latest novel, and her first fantasy, The Raven Tower, which also has a lot to do with a powerful stone that fell to earth.



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