Kids Graphic Novels!

Mad About Meatloaf (Weenie featuring Frank & Beans Book 1) by Maureen Fergus, illustrated by Alexandra Bye. Tundra, 2021. 9780735267916. 56pp.

This book is worth buying for the series name alone. Weenie is the dog, Frank (a cat) is his best friend, Beans (a guinea pig) is his other friend, and Bob takes care of them all. Bob made a meatloaf that he left on the counter and that Weenie simply must have. First the friends have to work together to get on the counter, and then they work together to make Bob a new meatloaf. It’s zany fun that’s beautifully illustrated by Bye.




Sir Ladybug and the Bookworms (Sir Ladybug Book 3) by Corey R. Tabor. Balzer + Bray, 2022. 9780063069121. 64pp.

An ant delivers a notice to Sir Ladybug that the book he checked out is due at sunset. Turns out it’s in his friend Sterling’s shell (he’s a snail). They set off with Pell, a roly-poly, to find the library and return the book, which is a biography of a dung beetle. But there are a lot of bugs that need help along the way, and then three bookworms who want to eat the book. The best part by far is the library, which is a bit of a surprise.




The Spooky Story (Paige Proves It #2) by Amy Marie Stadelmann. Aladdin, 2023. 9781534451643. 112pp.

Paige loves facts. When her friends Penn and Karla say the Evergreen Street Music School is haunted, Page makes a list of evidence and starts investigating to determine the facts. My favorite thing about the book: there are even a few pages on how facts need evidence, or they’re just guesses, and another page that explains what to do when new evidence shows up. It reminds me of classic Scooby-Doo episodes (back when the supernatural stuff was found to be some sour adult with an agenda) but with more of a library-friendly focus.





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