Guest Review: Tiger vs Nightmare by Emily Tetri

Tiger vs. Nightmare by Emily Tetri. First Second, 2018. 978-1626725355. 65 pp.

In this graphic novel for children, readers learn Tiger is lucky, so lucky that she has loving parents who dote on their only cub, a warm house, and any and all of the food she desires — not just raw meat- but exotic, homemade dishes. She also has a monster for her best friend. Monster lives in her bedroom,  eats dinner with Tiger, and stays up all night to combat any and all of the nightmares Tiger may have. Most of the time, Monster has no issue keeping watch so Tiger sleeps safely.  Unfortunately,  Tiger has “one of those days” that ensures a restless night. Monster vows to take his guard duties even more seriously than usual. When Nightmare shows up, Monster cannot scare him off. The two friends will have to work together to defeat Nightmare.

This is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel for kids that even adults will enjoy. Tetri does a wonderful job conveying the friendship at the heart of the story with just a few colorful brush strokes whereas the grays, blacks, and whites she uses to draw NIghtmare show readers how scary and cold he is.

Thanks to Murph’s Mom for this guest review.


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