Guest Book Review: Funny Business

Funny Business by Revilo. Hallmark Books, 2006. 115 pages. 9781595301345.
(Guest review by Murphy’smom)
This collection of comics was given to me by my manager earlier this week. All of the cartoons deal with corporate bullshit, which, unfortunately, we all have had to deal with one way or another. I especially enjoyed the ones poking fun at performance evaluations and their absolute pointlessness. (We’re going through the hellishness of second quarter evaluations at my job right now, and since there‚Äôs no monetary reward on offer, I see no need in doing these.) Artist Revilo is also spot on — it only takes a collared shirt and tie to move a yeti into upper management. (At least it appears this way.) I think this is a hilarious, relatable comic collection because as much as I love my library job and hate corporate America, I get it! But again, I may be just bitter because my manager docked me a few points on my evaluation because I am sometimes snarky and “insensitive” with customers. (Really? Me, snarky? I don’t have a clue to what you’re talking about…)

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