Graphic Novel Review: Youth Volume One: True Fantasy

Youth Volume One: True Fantasy by Curt Pires, Alex Diotto, Dee Cunniffee, Micah Myers, and Ryan Ferrier. Dark Horse / TECC / Comixology, 2021. 9781506724614. Includes #1 – #4.

Frank hates his job at Meatlords, a burger place. River hates living at home with his stepdad, Paul. Luckily they like each other. And they have a plan of sorts, to steal Paul’s car and head off somewhere to start over. When that doesn’t go smoothly they catch a ride with Kurt, Jan, and Trixy. In short order there’s relationship drama, they find themselves running from the cops, and they get superpowers.

Imagine the X-men if they had terrible parents, acted more like real teenagers, and were being hunted by some weird Nick Fury stand-in. Last time I checked you could read this book and its sequel for free if you had a Prime account — they were originally published on Comixology. (If you look for it there, search for Youth Season One.)


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