Graphic Novel Review: You Brought Me The Ocean by Alex Sanchez and Julia Maroh

You Brought Me The Ocean by Alex Sanchez and Julia Maroh. DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults, 2020. 9781401290818. 208pp. There’s a note from Sanchez at the beginning, and one from Maroh at the end of the book.

Any graphic novel that combines the writing talents of Sanchez (Rainbow Boys) and the comics art of Maroh (Blue Is The Warmest Color) is worth a look. That it involves both superpowers and romance makes it a book I’m sure will bring new readers to graphic novels, and please others who already read YA novels.

Jake’s mother worries about him. His best friend Maria wants more than friendship from him, and seems like she wants to stay in their small New Mexico town forever. But Jake wants to go somewhere new, somewhere near the ocean. This freaks his mother out a bit because Jake’s dad drowned long ago. (Or at least that’s what his mom tells him.) At school Jake is drawn to Kenny, an out and outspoken gay young man on the swim team, and they seem headed to become friends or maybe more. And then Jake uses his water-based superpowers to keep himself and Kenny safe during a flash flood, and suddenly he’s keeping a few secrets not only from his mom but from Maria. It’s all a recipe for disaster unless Jake can tell everyone he loves who he is and what he can do.

My favorite parts: Maroh’s art is amazing throughout, but is particularly great when Jake uses his powers (which he’s trying to figure out) and in the book’s more romantic moments, which are pitch perfect.


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