Graphic Novel Review: Witches of Brooklyn

Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse. RH Graphic, 2020. 9780593119273. 227pp.

One night an agent from adoption services shows up at Selimene’s house with Effie, her niece, saying she’s now her legal guardian. Selimene thinks there must be some mistake — she’s way too old, and it’s not reasonable to drop off a kid like that. Luckily her housemate Carlota is more reasonable, and she’s able to help smooth things over and make Effie feel welcome. The house dog Lion helps, too, and Selimene doesn’t take too long to come around. Effie starts school, everyone adjusts to life together, and then Effie starts glowing, which leads her aunts to explain that they’re actually witches. They show her around their secret lab. And then they have to help one of Effie’s favorite singers remove a curse that’s threatening to ruin her concert. There’s even a cool, magical librarian of sorts.

This book is absolutely charming and the art is wonderful — I particularly like the way the characters show emotions. I’ve read so many witch graphic novels for young kids in the past year that I wasn’t sure I was up for another, but this is a standout in that crowded field.

A sequel Witches of Brooklyn: What the Hex? was published in 2021.



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