Graphic Novel Review: Twig by Skottie Young, art and designs by Kyle Strahm

Twig by Skottie Young, art and designs by Kyle Strahm, and coloring by Jean-Francois Beaulieu. Image, 2022. 9781534323469. Contains #1 – 5. Publisher’s Rating: T / Teen.

Because Twig’s father had no apprentice when he died, Twig has to take his place. Now it’s his first day as the new Placeling, and Twig is late. Mount Guphin (a living mountain) reminds him the world is depending on him and then unfurls a strange bridge to get Twig on his way. He descents (ungracefully) into the Belly Mines and there is given a gem, along with instructions on how to find the Pathsayer’s Cartogratory. The only problem is the Pathsayer is dead, and can’t tell Twig his quest. When Twig tries to find it out on his own, he accidentally kills the gem. Luckily his father told him what to do about dead gems, and that sets Twig on a quest (which it seems may be the last quest of all).

I loved Twig’s friend Splat, a mollusk-like creature who accompanies him throughout. And that the story is full of adventure and kindness and bright, beautiful colors that buoy everything. If you’ve got a favorite fantasy graphic novel for kids, I’m sure it will remind you of that in the best ways. (I’ve got no idea why this is rated T for teens — I don’t remember Twig being a potty mouth or anything. It would appeal to any kid above fourth grade, and although there are some toothy creatures and a few scary moments, I don’t think it would cause terror in most of them.)


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