Graphic Novel Review: Tidesong by Wendy Xu

Tidesong by Wendy Xu. Quill Tree Books / Harper Alley, 2021. 9780062955807. 236pp.

Sophie is a twelve-year-old member of the Wu Clan, water witches descended from a dragon who still have a portion of his magic. She’s off to stay with her aunt, to study for a year before her big audition to the Royal Magic Academy. Her auntie is intimidating (and a bit harsh) and the small island where she lives is filled with magic. Sophie is determined to become the most powerful witch in the family, but she’s not sure how all the chores her aunt is having her do are going to help with that. (Even worse than her aunt, Sophie has a terrible voice in her head that attacks her confidence.) Luckily Sage also lives there and is willing to teach her a bit of magic. But after Sage fails to stop a storm in the Southern Sea, Sophie takes Sage’s spell book and tries to do it on her own. Her spell gets wrapped up with a young sea dragon, who is transformed into a human. If his family is angry, they might devastate the entire island. (But don’t worry, they mostly just become friends.)

The manga-inspired art helps create a friendly tone throughout the book as Sophie learns the value of studying with family and makes a friend. (Xu also co-created the graphic novel Mooncakes.)


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