Graphic Novel Review: Thirst Mermaids by Kat Leyh

Thirst Mermaids by Kat Leyh. Gallery 13, 2021. 9781982133573.

Eez uses her magic to transform herself, Pearl, and Thorn — the other members of her pod — into humans so they can go onto dry land and drink. There are a lot of things they don’t understand, like clothes, money, and hangovers. After a friendly bartender (who makes a habit of being too kind) finds them sleeping in an alley and makes them breakfast, they tell her the truth; this is their first time as humans. Soon she’s helping them try to fit in and find work because, until Eez can figure out how to transform them back, they’re stuck on dry land.

This is a wonderfully sweary, colorful adult graphic novel with lots of teen appeal. It has a punk sensibility about being outsiders together, supporting your friends, and finding your place in the world. I was already a huge fan of Leyh’s comics (Lumberjanes, Snapdragon) and after reading this one I plan to read everything she publishes.


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