Graphic Novel Review: The Seeds by Ann Nocenti and David Aja

The Seeds by Ann Nocenti and David Aja. Dark Horse / Berger Books, 2020. 9781506705897. Collects The Seeds # 1 – 4. 128pp.

This graphic novel takes place in a toxic future where it’s safer than not to wear a gas mask everywhere. The planet is dying but who cares because it’s a crappy place. There’s a walled zone where neo luddites have gone to start an anti-tech revolution: no internet, no phones, anarchy. A few aliens live there (and cross to the other side of the wall, too), lurking about, sampling seeds from our world (that’s genetic material, I think). Things are not better inside the zone. Maybe, somehow, mankind is not quite doomed, in which case seeds the aliens have collected will be worthless. Hope exists in the form of a love story between one of the aliens, Race, and his human lover, Lola, who may be pregnant. A reporter, Astra, is on their trail, trying to write the kind of clickbait her newspaper needs. Or maybe it’s the kind of huge story she longs to write?

In moments it’s not quite apocalyptic, and it’s my favorite graphic novel from Dark Horse’s Berger Books imprint so far. Aja’s cinematic art, with its stark blacks and old school screentones, keeps it compelling throughout.


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