Graphic Novel Review: The Oracle Code by Merieke Nijkamp, illustrated by Manuel Preitano

The Oracle Code by Merieke Nijkamp, illustrated by Manuel Preitano. DC Comics (DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults), 2020. 9781401290665. 208pp.

Another great re-imagining of a DC superhero for younger audiences, this original graphic novel focuses on Barbara Gordon (Oracle). She’s an injured teenage hacker trying to adapt to life in a wheelchair. Her father, Gotham City’s Commissioner Gordon, takes her to The Arkham Center for Independence. Dr. Maxell wants her to think of the mansion as her home away from home, so that the ACI can help her advance her rehabilitation. Barbara would rather be home. Her instincts are telling her that staying there is a terrible idea. But after some initial difficult adjusting she makes a few friends and some progress. And then she has to figure out what’s happened to the kids who are missing from the ACI, and what part Dr. Maxwell may have played in whatever happened to them.


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