Graphic Novel Review: The Forbidden Harbor by Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi

The Forbidden Harbor by Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi. Translated by Carla Roncalli di Montorio and Nanette McGuiness. NBM, 2019. 9781681122328.

1807. Young Abel, who has lost his memory, returns home with the British naval officer, William Roberts, who found him on a beach in Siam. (Abel easily took to life on the ship and playing the violin that belonged to Captain Stevenson. The Captain seems to have betrayed the navy and his ship by disappearing with some treasure, though that may not quite be true.) In England Robertson introduces Abel to the Captain’s three daughters, who give him a place to stay. This all sets Abel on a long and winding path to discovering who he is and how to set things right. It’s a romantic and somewhat magical adventure that involves love, betrayal, the madame of a local brothel, poetry, family, and revenge. Turconi’s pencil art is beautiful, and includes a spectacular sea battle that brings everything to life.

Saying more would ruin the book for you, though I must add that the hardcover is not only designed to look like an old book, but to feel like one — it’s cover is coated with something a bit rough and grainy and anyone who picks it up up will need to open it. Recommended for all adult graphic novel collections.



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