Graphic Novel Review: The Clandestinauts

The Clandestinauts by Tim Sievert. Uncivilized Books, 2018. 9781941250259. 224 pages.

Sievert’s epic homage to D&D adventures reminded me of several things: Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit (though it’s not as gory and has fewer penises), Joe Daly’s Dungeon Quest (though it’s not quite as ridiculous), Carlton Mellick III’s The Kobold Wizard’s Dildo of Enlightenment +2 (though it’s not quite as meta or purposely juvenile), and the over the top inventiveness of Adventure Time. All of that is an indirect way of saying I loved it; it’s violent, entertaining, and just plain fun to look at. I love the art so much I’d pay extra for an oversized edition if one was available.

Inside you’ll find: a slugman, automatons, wizards, warlocks, demons, mercenaries, a half hag, hell, cat people, piles of treasure, magic items, egg sacks, strange creatures, spells, and, of course, a quest. My favorite character is Ganglion the Grim, a bandaged warlock who uses his flesh to summon other worldly beings of great power that want to eat him.


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