Graphic Novel Review: The Black Monday Murders Volume 2

The Black Monday Murders Volume 2 by Jonathan Hickman (words), Tomm Coker (art).
Image, 2018. 9781534303720. Contains #5 – #8 of the series.

Jonathan Hickman’s comics are always masterpieces of pacing and planning. They’re worth reading for the blank pages alone, just to see how he uses them to break up the story. This series about dark, demon-worshiping capitalists who use black magic to manipulate the world economy is full of redacted documents and unsettling imagery, including a specialized font used to show that characters are speaking words of power.

In this second volume, the detective solves the mystery, an economist gets the interview of a lifetime, and an eternal magic battle takes place in the blink of the eye. If you don’t like horror graphic novels this is not the book for you, but then you probably knew that from the skull on the cover.


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