Graphic Novel Review: Squire & Knight by Scott Chantler

Squire & Knight by Scott Chantler. First Second, 2023. 9781250249333. 176pp. Includes a few pages of Fun Extra Stuff at the end including the origin of the idea, characters, sketches, and a quick look at Chantler’s process of moving from script to finished pages.

The boastful Sir Kelton and his book-loving squire arrive in Bridgetown, but there aren’t any people in the street, and the town’s namesake bridge is gone, too. Turns out everyone is inside because they’re afraid of the dragon. The townsfolk blame a curse for bringing the dragon and for everything that’s gone wrong in the town, including the bridge. Sir Kelton loudly proclaims he’ll take care of the dragon and rebuild the bridge (and take care of other problems) and then gallops off after it. Days later he still hasn’t reappeared. But his squire is trying to investigate using the books in the hall of records and by talking to the townsfolk. The wizard who founded the town, Elden Augerhand, keeps coming up, as does his tower (where the dragon now resides).

It all turns into a wonderful fantasy/mystery with a satisfying ending. And though I loved Chantler’s Three Thieves graphic novels series, this is by far my favorite book of his. (I’m a huge fan of Chantler’s art, and this is some of his best, plus the limited color palette is used to great effect.) I highly recommend it to fantasy readers of all ages.


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