Graphic Novel Review: Squid Happens (The Adventures of Team Pom) by Isabel Roxas

Squid Happens (The Adventures of Team Pom) by Isabel Roxas. Flying Eye Books, 2021. 9781912497256. 96pp.

In the opening pages, a giant squid takes refuge in a New York City storm drain pursued by two mice in a submarine. Elsewhere Ruby, Agnes, and Roberta rush to an interborough synchronized swimming conference. The story has bunnies, glitter, pigeons, and a tragically misunderstood swim routine that sets up what happens later in the book, which defied my expectations for a kids graphic novel in the best way while fulfilling exactly what it had set up.

Roxas’s illustrations are great and this graphic novel’s colors are exceptional. Buy this book for your library’s children’s collection or your favorite kid, and check out the sequel, The Last Dodo, when it coms out in October 2022.


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