Graphic Novel Review: Slip by Marika McCoola and Aatmaja Pandya

Slip by Marika McCoola (text) and Aatmaja Pandya (illustrations). Algonquin Young Readers, 2022. 9781616207892.

Jade is heading off for a month-long residency at the Art Farm to work on ceramics that will (she hopes) get her a scholarship to art school. She’s worried about her best friend Phoebe, who recently attempted suicide, but the intensive learning experience she’s there for seems like an amazing opportunity — her workspace is beautiful, and there’s also a wood fired kiln she may be able to fire some of her work in. Her mentor is supportive, but Jade is distracted. She does find a way to commune if not communicate with Phoebe, and even meets someone, Mary, who potentially seems like she might be more than a friend. But Jade’s inner doubts continue to plague her, and critique sessions don’t add to her confidence. Can she get in touch with her feelings and figure out the concept behind the animal figures she’s been sculpting?

The art in this book is great. It switches between blue and red ink (and sometimes combines them) in different contexts to great effect. There’s a little magic, some romance, and just enough drama that it all feels real.



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