Graphic Novel Review: Skybourne by Frank Cho

Skybourne by Frank Cho with Marcio Menyz (colors). BOOM! Studios, 2018. 9781608869862. Contains #1 – #5 plus a gallery of some covers, including variants by other artists.

Lazarus’ kids were “blessed with superhuman strength, impenetrable skin, and immortality. This is their story.” Thomas is off the map — he’s tired of being alive. Grace works for the Mountain Top Foundation, out to improve mankind’s lot through science and magic. On a mission to retrieve a magic sword, things go wrong. The Foundation talks Thomas into coming back with a promise and they’ll help him end his life. Cue magical calamities involving a famous wizard and many, many dragons.

It’s all really light and amusing. No one draws beautiful super people doing dangerous stuff better than Cho, and it’s fun to see their super punches knocking jaws and heads apart. It all reminds me a bit of Invincible in the best way. (If that kind super heroic violence is not part of your definition of fun, this book isn’t for you — it has more beheadings than the original Highlander movie.)


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