Graphic Novel Review: Sakamoto Days Volume 1 by Yuto Suzuki

Sakamoto Days Volume 1 by Yuto Suzuki. Translation by Camellia Nieh. Viz, 2020. 9781974728947. Publisher’s Rating: T+ Older Teen.

Taro Sakamoto was the greatest hitman of all time. Then he fell in love, had a family, and now he’s totally out of shape. He runs a convenience store on the outskirts of Tokyo and, because he made a promise to his wife, he keeps his murderous instincts in check. Another hitman, Shin, has found his hero Sakamoto. Shin’s boss wants Sakamoto dead, but Sakamoto is no pushover — he’s hilariously fast and precise as he defends himself and defeats his attackers. Soon Shin joins the staff at Sakamoto’s where he helps his hero quietly defend the store and the community around it.

A note on the shelf appeal of this title: unbeknownst to each other my daughter and I both bought this book at our local Kinokuniya on the same day. She found it amongst the Japanese-language manga while I discovered it on the shelves in the English-language section, but it’s clearly a standout.

You can read the first few chapters for free at


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