Graphic Novel Review: Real Hero Shit by Kendra Wells

Real Hero Shit by Kendra Wells. Iron Circus Comics, 2022. 9781945820830. 120pp. Publisher’s Rating: Adults Only.

Eugene is the purple, horned prince of the Kingdom of Marble. Kids sing songs about him in school, as he finds out after discussing his origins post-coitus with the young man and the young elf in his bed. Outside the castle he sees help a wanted sign for a questing party in need of a fighter. He applies and then spars with Michel (a rogue) to prove his skills. Despite the way he irritates the short-statured magic user Ani, he joins the party and they head to a small church town where people have been disappearing. (The other member of the party is Hocus, a Zsegdan who uses a “gender wheel” to explain why E uses the pronouns E does.) Eugene’s constant horniness wears on everyone, especially Ani, though it does make the entire adventure fairly lighthearted despite what they discover happened to the missing folks.

This inclusive, entertainingly swear-y and sexually explicit fantasy graphic novel was just what I needed in an otherwise serious week.


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