Graphic Novel Review: Poppy & Sam And The Leaf Thief

Poppy & Sam coverPoppy & Sam And The Leaf Thief by Cathon.  Owlkids Books, 2018. 9781771473293. 48pp.

Poppy is a tiny girl who lives in a pumpkin in a garden, and she loves to hang out with her friend Sam, a tiny panda. When they’re out tending plants, Poppy hears some crying — it’s Basil (a plant of course). Someone has taken a bit of their leaf while they were sleeping! Poppy and Sam try to figure out who did it and they start by interviewing the insects.

Cathon has created an innocent, lighthearted world of cooperation and smiles. Even the endpapers, with their bugs and snails and plants, are delightful.

Poppy and Sam 1 1 Poppy and Sam endpapers


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